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6 km south to Heraklion. With no doubt, Knossos is the most important archaeological place of the island. It includes the ruins of the tubes and luxurious Minoan palace which was built in the middle of a big city. The first palace was built around 2000 B.C. The systematic excavation was started by Arthur Evans from England in 1900. He also did some restorations. Spacious yards, apartments, huge halls, settlements, vestibules, laboratories, cisterns, throne’s room, queen’s mansion, treasury, storehouses are some of the places that everyone can visit. Around the palace are additionally some other Minoan edifices. The Small Palace, the Karavan Serai, the High Priest’s House, Minoan grave and last but not least the Royal Manor House.

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Town, separated in Upper and Beyond Archans. This place is located 16 km southeast to Heraklion. Pay attention to the local architecture and to the Cretan spirit where neoclassical royalty coexists with the rural simplicity. It is in the middle of vast vineyards and it is well-known for its pink grape. Its wine is distributed to many European countries.


Modern town, 37 km eastward to Heraklion. From ancient times constitutes the center of the north beach of Crete. They are famous for their vegetable products and their beautiful coasts. 3 km eastward to the village there is the archaeological place of Malia. It is said to be the Minoan settlement with houses, graves, churches and a huge Minoan palace which was discovered in the excavations started in 1915. The palace of Malia, combined with these of Festos and Knossos are the three most important Minoan palaces of Crete.


One of the oldest cities of Crete.It is located on the south side of the island 63 km away from Heraklion.I t was the main city of Messaras plain with two ports,Matala and Kommo.In mythology,is mentioned that at Festos dominated Jupiter’s son dynasty.


45 km south of Heraklion.It was once the capital city of roman Crete. In its ruins we are available to detect the basilica of Saint Titos (7th century),the conservatory (2nd century) and the famous Gortyna’s country side (5th 6th century B.C.).


It is located in the south beach of Crete at Libyan sea,70 km away from Heraklion. It was Festos port and then turned into Gortyna’s port. At the steep side of the north hill we see impressive caves shaped on a rock. They became known when young tourists discovered them, having already the island whelmed during 60’s.


We find Chersonisos 26 km away from Heraklion. In more details, it states between Heraklion-Agios Nikolaos. By this name we mean two villages. The first one is Upper Chersonisos , a graphic small village with byzantine small churches, old shafts stone furnaces. The other one, which is port of Upper Chersonisos, is called Limenas Chersonisou. We can say that this is one of the main resorts of Crete with hotels, shops and lots of tourists, especially during the summer.


It lies 27 km west Heraklion. It is birthplace of Dominikos Theotokopoulos (El Greco) . The ruins of El Greco’s house are near to a beautiful, small byzantine church ,full of orange trees. It is a village full of restaurants and a few rooms to let.

Weather Aghios Nikolaos


11.5 km southwest Agios Nikolaos we find one of the biggest, most traditional and graphic villages of Crete. The wide and straight road, full of olive groves, makes the route enjoyable. The village is famous for its knitwear; woven and embroidery. It is also known for the anaparastasis of a Cretan wedding that takes place in August. Heading from Kritsa to north (3 km) we meet ancient Latos.


Cosmopolitan touristic resort, full of luxurious hotels. It is located 10 km north away from Agios Nikolaos. The village was built at the south coast of Elounta’s bay, only 1 km away from the ancient city of Olos by which the village took its name. Elounta consists of four settlements, Upper and Beyond Elounta, Mavrikianos and Schisma where the port can be found. Near Elounta we see the small island Spinalogka (its name means “long thorn”), where you can go by boat from Agios Nikolaos, Elounta and Plaka.


Just a few kilometers from Agios Nikolaos and Elounda discover inner Crete, drive up the mountain roads to the Fourni valley area. The views are breath taking and the landscape beautiful. Visit some of the many churches or monasteries on the way before arriving at Fourni Village.

Our Taverna “Platanos” is situated in Fourni square, (+30 2841090776, +30 6936606943). Here you can sit in the shade of the beautiful old Plane tree, relax and enjoy the Cretan hospitality and taste our homemade Cretan dishes. Our taverna is a perfect place for a family lunch or dinner. We often have live music.


Neapoli is a graphic town, 15 km northwest Agios Nikolaos. It is built at a valley with olive groves and orchards. It is also worthwhile to mention that it is famous for its neoclassical buildings, its interesting archaeological collection and its byzantine monasteries (Moni Kremaston makes the difference which was built in 15th century).


49 km west Agios Nikolaos and in altitude of 817-850 meters you will find the biggest plateau of Greece and one of the most fertile plains. In the wider area there are 16 villages scattered, the biggest of which is Tzermiados. Thousands of windmills are the trademark of the plateau.


It is about the southest city of Greece in Libyan sea, 36 km south of Agios Nikolaos. In its sightseeings we find the impressive Kales, the Venetian castle of 13th century at the inlet of the port, the mosque of the old city (19th century), the Archaeological Collection, the former Ottoman School’s building, the town hall’s square and sunny touristic city with wonderful beaches. Do not forget to visit the small island Chrissi (or Gaidouronisi) with the impressive beaches covered with white sand and cedars.


73 km east of Agios Nikolaos we find a beautiful city, built at the place of ancient Itia. At the east side of the city, the Venetian castle Kazarma dominates. You will discover notable monasteries (Moni Toplou) but also the third greatest Archaeological Museum of Crete. Equally important is the Folklore Museum with traditional textiles and handmade embroideries. It is also acquainted for the huge sandy beach and its graphic haven with its caiques, taverns and cafes. Bitsentzos Kornaros, the epic poet of Crete who wrote “Erotokritos”, was born in Sitia.


As we go through Sitia and 97 km east of Agios Nikolaos there is the only palm forest of Europe, full of over 5000 trees that reach the sea. Wonderful gold coasts promise a memorable swimming.


116 km east of Agios Nikolaos, a graphic moorage which is an ideal place for rest. It is worthwhile to visit the archaeological place where there is the palace, fourth in importance of Crete (Knossos, Festos, Malia). It is said that the palace was built around 1600 B.C. and was ruined in 1450 B.C.



22 km northeast to Rethimno states one of the most glorious greek monasteries. The monastery was built (15th century) during Venetian period (according to an inscription) and thanks to the restorations it still remains in good condition. Its walls reminds us of a castle and its two-chambered church is one of the most beautiful buildings in Crete. Notable curios (byzantine icons, vestments, dead’s Chars) are available to be seen at the monastery’s old museum.


The upper area of Psiloritis (52 km away from Rethimno) but also the upper area of the whole Crete is popular for its textiles with beautiful colors and traditional Cretan design. Over 900 meters high someone can see “Ideon Andro” (1499 m) but also “Zomintho’s Minoan Mansion” (1187 m). On our days, it is a notable touristic and cultural center with small hotels and some taverns. Also, there are opportunities for those who love mountaineering speleology, climbing, cycling etc. At Anogia someone can understand why Psiloritis, except for being a materially fertile, powerful and holy mountain, is the core of Crete. You will discover the myth that shows Anogia’s temperament, a special mountainous world. At Anogia, Nikos Ksilouris, the famous Cretan musician, was born in 1938.


It is a touristic resort, 8 km southwest of Rethimno with the biggest littoral hotels of the whole department. At the south side of the settlement the plain with cultivates and reeds outspreads. Through the plain and at Pigi village there are many furnished villas, restaurants and clubs. 4 km eastern states the small touristic settlement “Stavromenos”.


It is a touristic resort, 40 km south of Rethimno. It is well-known for its wonderful beach that shares a lot of opportunities for those who love surfing. Only a few meters away there are popular beaches Damnoni and Ammoudi. It offers a variety of hotels, rooms to let and taverns.


It is located 40 km south of Rethimno. In order to get there, you have to follow the route to Moni Preveli (i.e. monastery). Few meters away before arriving to the monastery, a path on the left side of the road shows you the way to the sandy beach with the palm trees. At the point that the big river Kourtaliotis ends up to the Libyan sea, you will find the famous Preveli beach or Palm’s beach (Foinikas beach).


30 km south of Rethimno. It is a village full of trees, known for its quantity of water. At the village’s square with the planes, the water flows from nineteen founts (lion’s mouth). Graphic houses and four old churches complete the villages beautiful sight.


55 km southeast Rethimno. Beautiful touristic center full of hotels, rooms to let, taverns, camping and well-organized beaches with crystal water.


35 km east Rethimno. It is a small, graphic bay with unforgettable sand, lots of hotels, rooms to let and taverns, waits for you to visit it. Choose one of the close islands in the homonymous bay and enjoy the sun and the sea all day long.


Graphic, mountainous, traditional village that is located in an area full of trees. It is built on the ruins of ancient Lappa (27 km southwest Rethimno). The location of the founts, with thick vegetation, small waterfalls, perennial trees, the cave and the chapel is worthwhile to spend time to explore it.

Weather Chania


6.5 km east of Chania we find Souda’s port that makes it easier for visitors to reach Chania. When you reach Souda’s port you see a small island with a venetian castle. There are graves of British people, New Zealanders and Australian that died in Crete during the World War II. It is a very commercial port and simultaneously center of the navy’s militant base.


Chersonisos 2 km east of Chania. It is directly connected with the Cretans struggles for freedom. At Prophet Ilias hill the graves of Venizelos family, the small byzantine church of Prophet Ilias and the wonderful gardens can be seen, which are ideal for walking. In this way, tourists can enjoy the whole region of Chania. The most ideal beaches for swimming are Kalathas beach, Saint Onoufrios beach (8 km away from Chania), Tersana beach, Macheridas beach (12 km away from Chania), Stavros beach (15 km away from Chania) and Marathios beach (16 km away from Chania). Additionally, it is worthwhile to visit Saint Triadas Tzagkarolon monastery (16th century) and Gouvernetos monastery (15th century).


8 km west of Chania there is a big beach ideal for swimming and surfing. In more details, this beach is located at the opposite side of Saint Theodoros island, full of hotels, taverns and rooms to let.


11 km west of Chania we find a beautiful seaside and graphic village which lately has turned into a touristic area. In this area you can find hotels of all types, shops and restaurants. The sandy beach, one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of the department, attracts a lot of tourists. The clear seas and the opportunities for surfing makes it one of the most popular beaches of Chania.


16 km away from Chania. As you pass the beautiful Eleftherios Venizelos gorge you reach Theriso where Eleftherios Venizelos raised the revolution flag in 1905.


Maleme is located 17 km west of Chania. It is a region known for Crete’s heroic struggle in 1941. It is known for its wonderful and the variety of hotels and taverns.


16 km away from Chania, on the way to Rethimno, you can visit Aptera. It is about a Minoan region of 7th century B.C. with art works, temple’s remnants, dramatics and a Turkish castle.


It is the southest department of Europe. It is said that it is Kalipso’s island where Odysseus drowned. It is also mentioned by Homer as Ogigia. The transportation is feasible by boat from Sfakia only during the summer. Gavdos has beautiful beaches, fish taverns and few rooms to let.


It is a seaside village, 24 km west of Chania. It is popular for its wonderful beach. The crystal water and the gold sand compose a wonderful view. On the north side of Kolibari holds Gonia’s monastery (corner’s monastery) or else Odigitrias monastery (driver’s monastery) which was built in 1618. At this place you can see a notable collection of post-byzantine icons and other religious relics. It is a quite good touristic place with lots of hotels, rooms to let and taverns.


42 km west of Chania. It is built at the location that ancient Kisamos was, which was haven of Polirrrinia. Kasteli once was Roman’s base and later Venetian’s base who built a small castle (Kasteli took its name from this castle). Nowadays, it is a beautiful port full of hotels, restaurants and taverns ideal for fresh fish. Do not forget to try the famous wine of the area.


It is located 37 km southwest of Chania. The area which is near Kandanos is full of olive groves. At the villages near Kandanos there are important small byzantine churches. The most important of them are Archangel Michael, Saint Anne and Mother of God’s church. Ancient Kandanos flourished during the Roman period.


70 km southwest of Chania. It is about a small village which, as it is believed, is built on the ruins of ancient Syia, haven of Elyros region. Sougia has a wonderful and well-organized sandy beach, where at the west side of it a basilica-type church of 6th century was found, with impressive mosaic that depicts deers and peacocks. You can visit Lissos, haven of Irtakina from Sougia by boat or on foot. Among the ruins you will see the Asklipieio, the ancient theatre and meet bath facilities.


It is built on the location that ancient Kalamidi was. It is located 74 km southwest of Chania. In 1279, Venetians built a castle called Kasteli Selinou. Modern Palaiochora is the second of south of Chania regions in population. You can swim in its beautiful beach and enjoy the sunlight. It offers a variety of rooms to let, hotels and bars. It is also the starting point for destinations (by boat) near Palaiochora (Samarias gorge, Sougia, Sfakia, Gavdos island).


38 km away from Chania. It took its name by Prince George, the first high commissioner of Crete. It is a wonderful touristic center with attractive beaches, hotels, rooms to let and taverns. 6 km to the inner side of the island you can reach the unique Crete’s lake and Kourna’s lake that is 65 acres sized.


44 km away from Chania there is one of the most beautiful, interesting and narrow gorges of Europe, called Samarias gorge. It is 18 km long and its width at a special point is just 2.5 meters. Walking through the gorge is tiring, but equally attractive and takes 7 hours to cross it. You enter the gorge from Ksiloskalo village. When you stop walking Samaria’s gorge, you will have already arrived to Saint Roumeli (Libyan sea). It is a village built on the ruins of ancient Tara with wonderful beaches, hotels, rooms to let and taverns. The gorge is a national park and protected area. Crossing it, if you are lucky, you will meet the unique specie of Cretan wild goat, the famous Kri-Kri. In spring and in early summer, a wonderful place full of flowers decorates the gorge. From the end of the gorge, Saint Roumeli, you can visit Sfakia by boat and return to Chania, passing through the beautiful plateau of Askifos with the famous Ibros gorge. On this way, you are able to enjoy another walk around the White Mountains.


72 km south of Chania. It is located on the steep beaches of the Libyan sea. Sfakia is a beautiful city known for the indomitable character of its people. The wonderful old houses are built with amphitheater way above the port and have the intense color of the Aegean sea.


It is a village 80 km southwest of Chania, full of wonderful and wide beaches. It has a venetian castle that was built in 1371. According to the indigenous people, shadows of warriors (known as drosoulites) appear, especially in May and in June during the daybreak.


It is located on the southwest side of Crete, 95 km away from Chania. On one of the huge rocks that surround a beautiful bay, the steepest and most attractive monastery of Crete is built. It is celebrated in 15 August.


80.5 km southwest Chania. It has wonderful beaches for swimming and sand hills full of cedars. The low depth of the sea induces you to arrive there on foot since the water reaches just up to your knee.



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