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Weather Heraklion


Welcome to Heraklion, the largest city of Crete.

After admiring the sights, you can walk around the market and find a place for grooming, enjoy your shopping, find a place to eat..

For a summer with style in white you can choose, the all white clothing store, Blanc du Nil at 80, 1866 street.

Men’s and children’s haircut, traditional facial shaving and beard trimming in Mr. barber & Shop at 27, Milatou street.

The art of jewellery for more than 50 years can be found in store Lavirinthos at 21, Dikeosinis Aveneu.

Men’s and women’s shoes can be found in store Tsakiris Mallas, at 30-32, Dedalou street.

Men’s and Women’s clothes and shoes can be found in, Timberland Store at 10, Zografou street.

For genuine leather shoes, Mortoglou at its 5 shopping points.

Greek Traditional Cuisine can be served in tavern - restaurant Ligo Krasi... Ligo Thalassa, Marineli & Mitsotaki street.

Energy jewellery & symbols for power, luck, riches, reputation & prosperity can be found at Rudraksha by Izy at 11B, Amalthias street.

For pure spices and refined aromas of herbs and superfoods, Bacharopoleio, at 141, Kalokerinou Avenue .

Jewelleries can be found in store Kanakis at 35, Dikeosinis Ave .

Cretan Traditional Cuisine can be served in tavern - restaurant Arismari & Varsamo, at 10, Lysimachou Kalokairinou .

Greek restaurant with Cretan cuisine based on traditional recipes, Xatiri, 9, Kagiampi street.

Specialty store for inchiku, jigging, slow - shore jigging, spinning, casting, heavy casting, LRF, trolling, Captain Hook at 17, Efessou street.

Jewelry can be found in store, Maria Psiharaki, at 34, 1821 street.

Jewelleries and watches can be found in store, Kosmima Papadakis at three shopping points, two at 23, & 29, Dikeosinis Av. and one at 31, Kondilaki street.

Travel guides, maps etc. you can be found in bookstore Roadside, 48, 25th of August street.

Salon de beaute, Beauty Philosophy by S, 34, Evans street.

Wall clocks, furniture, paintings & frames, wine racks & accessories, key boxes, metal decoratives, lanterns & candle holders for your home, Paspartou at 19, Michelidaki street .

Women’s Fashion can be found in House of Gerry Webe - Taifun Collection, 5, Kyrillou Loukareos street, near Kornarou Square .

Children’s clothes can be found at Lapin House, 31, 1821 street.

Women’s fashion can be found at Lussile Elena G, 72, 1821 street.

Variery of leather goods, bags, belts, wallet, travel accessories can be found at Halkiadaki Izabella, 47, 1866 street.

Famous Greek Clothing for men and women can be found in store MORITZ - EVA, 12-14, Dedalou street.

Women’s quality shoes and Greek handmade sandals Caryatid can be found in Gl Borgini store at 15-17, Kantanoleon street.

Women’s shoes & accessories in Malena store at 91, 1821 street.

Men’s and women’s lingerie and swimwear can be found in Danai store at 37, 1821 street.

AS Gallery - Agapi Smpokou hosts artwork and contemporary jewellery of Greek artists and designers at 9 Psaromiligon street.

Cretan Folk Art can be found at Eleni Kastrinoyoianni at 1, Eleftherias Sqr..

For mobile, tablet and laptop service visit, Venus Store at 34, Ariadne & Meramvelou corner .

For toys, batteries, chargers, traditional costumes, cameras, photos take a look at, Foto Ioakeimidis at 31, Dikeosinis street.

Salon De Beaute for you. Hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, onychoplastic & acrylic nails, in MM Coiffure Maria Mpakousi, 29, Therissou street.

Need a haircut, hairstyle etc. visit the hairdresser, Chic Shock at 23, Dimokratias Av..

Fashion jewellery, watches, ear and nose piercing can be found at Delight, 8, Perdikari street.

Art and jewellery can be also found at Skales, 5, Byzantiou & Dedalou street.

Cretan traditional products, herbs & spices collection can be found in store E. Kabrianis Family, 4, 1866 street and 10, 1866 street.

Opticals, sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses can be found in store Sophia Stratigi - Pasali, 43, Kyrillou Loukareos street.

Find games and comics in store, 13, Smirnis street.

You can buy quality toys in store Toyhouse, 40, 1821 street.

Car and bike rentals from SunRise, 46, 25th August street.

Dish Café Resto Bar, Agiou Titou sqr..

Enjoy delicious seafood, meat dishes & daily fresh fish with a great view of the fortress Koules at Sentouki restaurant, 11, Sofokli Venizelou Avenue.

Café Restaurant Enetiko, at 15, Eleftheriou Venizelou sqr., Lions sqr.

Just outside the city center, in the village of Rogdia, you can find the traditional tavern Meteoro.

Cretan traditional cuisine at Amalago, 9, Mpizaniou street is watting for you to taste its cuisine.

, at 15 Eleftheriou Venizelou Sqr., Lions Sqr.

Weather Aghios Nikolaos


Welcome to Agios Nikolaos, the capital of Lasithi.

After viewing the Marina, the Kitroplateia and of course the hallmark of the city, Lake (Voulismeni), do not miss:

For a summer with style in white you can choose, the all white clothing store, Blanc du Nil at 9, M. Sfakianaki street.

Daily trips from Agios Nikolaos to Spinalonga Island, with luxury boats, private chartering, fishing trips, bbq trips with the specialist in Boat Excursions, the Nostos Cruises, at 30, R. Koundourou street.

Men quality clothes can be found in MENSHOP, at 5, K. Sfakianaki street.

Natural beauty, Greek brands, olive oil & aloe cosmetics, cosmetic lab, handmade cosmetics and sun care products, can be found in store Green Lab, at 46, Roussou Koundourou street.

You can find shoes & bags in store La Pelle, at 20, Kontogianni street.

Shoes and accessories at Xaritakis with three shopping points, i) Xaritakis, 29, Kontogianni street, ii) Xaritakis Corner, 8, M. Metaxaki street, iii) Tsakiris Mallas, 3 M. Sfakianaki street.

Traditional Cretan Cuisine, with a great view, can be served in Paradosiako, at 9, Akti Themistokleous street.

Enjoy delicious seafood and meat dishes at Thalassinos Kosmos restaurant at Sisi Village, tel. +30 2841071089, +30 6937040930.

Just sit back and enjoy a fantastic day cruising around with your friends & family with GT Cruises Tatiana, located in the Marina of Agios Nikolaos .

Good service, excellent food, fresh fish and lobster on the bbq, local and international specialties at Faros restaurant, Kitroplatia Beach .

Kids clothing for 0-16 years can be found in store Happy Touch at 18, Sofokli Venizelou street.

Shoe repair & handmade leather bags, sandals, belts, wallets, unique leather bracelers & many other, at Deras Tsagkariko, 28A, Kontogianni street.

Women’s fashion can be found in store SUEDE, at 5, 25is Martiou street Your fashionspot in the center of the city.

Luxury jewelry, watches you can find in stores L. Maris in Agios Nikolaos, Main store: A. Koundourou 20, Cielo Venezia 1270: R. Koundourou 60, in Elounda, Elounda Beach Hotel, in Plaka Village, Blue Palace Hotel.

Finest and quality women’s fashion can be found in store Premium, at R. Koundourou & 4, Polytechniou street.

Men’s fashion can be found in store Cosmos Fashion, at 19, El. Venizelou Sqr..

Clothes for men & women can be found in store GUSTO, always the quality first, at N. Plastira & 28th October street.

Famous brands for men and women clothes can be bought in store SOHO, at 6, M. Sfakianaki street.

Women’s fashion can be found in store To Magazi, at 12, Kontogianni street.

The best summer beachwear, Mano A Mano, 16, Kontogianni street.

Crystals, minerals, fossils and jewels in Talos store at three points, one at 11, R. Koundourou street, second at 10, 28th October street and third at 26, Akti I. Koundourou street.

Beauty, fashion and style for women, Mantzou Antigoni at 13, Kontogianni street.

Rent a car, a motorbike, a yacht, a caravan for your holidays from Motor Holidays Stathis, 30th st. Akti Koundourou .

Rent a bike, ELOUNDA Rent a Bike, at Elounda .

Bike sales, rentals and accessories from Mirabello Bikes, Nikos Tampakakis, at 5, P.Meletiou Metaxaki street, Neapoli village .

Tours and Rentals, Skybalos Kinky Bikes, at 5 El. Plataki street.

For your stay, next to the wonderful beach, visit Artemis Beach Hotel in Havania Village .

For rental motorbike, car or whatever you want, also call Reliable International, 19, Akti Koundourou street.

Hotel - Restaurant Polydoros with great sea view, is waitting for you at Ammoudi Beach, 3, Koundourou street.

Cofee art & more by the sea can be served at Palazzo Café Bar, Kitroplatia beach .

Pizza and Pasta, by the lake Voulismeni, at TULLIO, 9, Omirou street.

Cretan cuisine by the lake in Ntakos restaurant, at 14, Omirou street.

Café, greek meze, and snack bar with a magnificient view to Spinallonga, Carob Tree at Plaka Village, Elounda .

Cafe, restaurant with personality, by the lake, La Casa, at 31, 28th October street.

Cretan handmade olive wood crafts in Olive Tree, at 31, 28th October street.



Welcome to Rethymno, one of the best preserved medieval cities.

Once you walk through the narrow and picturesque alleys, visit the fortress of Fortezza, do not forget to take a look at the local stores where you can find and buy anything you want.

Luxury furs you can find in store at 32 Arkadiou street, in store Royal Shopping at Adelianos Kampos, also in store Dolce Exclusive at 47 Arkadiou street, and Royal City at 34 Arkadiou street.

Italian Restaurant - pizza, IL Pagliaccio, at 64, Sof. Venizelou street.

The best choice for your holiday gifts, GreekHorizons or see more products at e-shop

You can taste Greek and Cretan cuisine, in a special place at rethymnon old town, at the restaurant, Castelo, 24, Radamanthous street.

Religious objects, jewelleries and watches can be found in store GEM, your chic destination at 45, Arkadiou street.

Floral studio design, Eleni Zempili, at 109, I. Kountouriotou street.

Tattoo, permanent make up tattoo, body piercing, accessories at ARtattoo & body piercing, at 1, Govatzidaki street, Old Town, close to guora gate .

Pastry shop, The Cream Society, at 53, Moatsou street.

Women’s fashion, famous brands, can be found at store Marita, 25, Varda Kallergi street.

Construction & real estate for sale, rental properties you can contact Kreta Eiendom S.A., 1, Arkadiou street , prices from 181.496€ with sea view.

Looking for perfumes, similar to the branded except the prices, visit Maison de la perfumerie, at 4, Varda Kallergi street.

All about women’s fashion, can be found in store Lucifair, The art of Elegance, at 16, Kountourioti street.

Mens fashion can be found in store Prestige, 16, Kountourioti street.

Manicure, pedicure, depilation, massage and facial therapies, The Queens, at 32, Moatsou street.

For watches, toys, gifts, souvenirs, mobile cases & accessories go at Secret, shopping therapy at 180, Arkadiou street.

Famous brands of opticals and contact lenses can be found in store Optics Pela Stefanoudaki - Gasparaki, at 63, Kountouriotou Avenue.

A wide variety of traditional products such as oil, honey, ouzo, raki, wine, cosmetics and Cretan herbs can be found in store Traditionaly Herbs, 49, Ethnikis Antistaseos street.

Leather goods, bags, belts, wallet, travel accessories at Antilope, with one shop at 54, Titou Petichaki street and a second at 12, Palaiologou street.

Come and find your bike to rent at Samiotis, 65, Pachla Emmanouil street.

Traditional Cretan homemade food, international food, children’s menu, playground in tavern Klimataria, at 31, Machis Kritis street Missiria .

Taste the Cretan cuisine and fresh fish, with magnificient view, in tavern Zambia, 20, Stamathioudaki street.

The ideal “meating” place, at the heart of the old city in a beautiful garden, Restaurant Alana, at 15, Salaminos street. Enjoy Cretan cuisine.

At the entrance of the old venetian harbour, taste fish cuisine, in seafood Restaurant Remezzo, at 2, Nearchou street.

In the heart of Rethymno and by the sea, restaurant, café, cocktail and shisha bar, Ce’ la Vi at 11, Eleftheriou Venizelou street.

Wooden sunbeds, pool, water slides, children’s playground, vip gazebos, restaurant, cafe, coctail bar, snacks, water sports, parties, at Baja Beach Club at 12, Chiou street, Platanias. Summer best choise in Rethymno..

The exclusive restaurant for the famous Antikristo, Melina Café Restaurant, at Chimaras and Katechaki street Fortezza entrance .

All our food is fresh and homemade. We serve high quality for low prices in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, Petite fleur bistro bar, at 36, Eleftheriou Venizelou street.

16 years close to you, Pizza Di Napoli restaurant, at Mahis Potamon & Eleftherias street, Kallithea..

Also for pizzeria - italian restaurant, you can visit Toscana Trattoria, at 252, Arkadiou street.

For breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee, or take away, visit Fos Fanari, at 31, Moatsou & Kondylaki street.

Located in the center of Rethymnon Old Town, Studios and Apartments Makri Steno, 56, Nikiforou Foka street a few minutes away from the beach.

Weather Chania


Welcome to Chania, the most popular destination in Crete.

After you see and admire the old town, the Municipal Market, the picturesque Venetian lighthouse at the entrance to the Venetian harbor, do not miss:

Natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics for natural health & beauty, Elotia, Olive Mystery, in selected stores.

For your staying, outside the city center, located in Stalos village, overlooking the sea and only 200 metres from the beach, you can find Top Hotel .

Traditional Cretan products, Organic farm premium products, awarded olive oil and honey, wines from cretan varieties, selected handmade ceramics and luminaries, olivewood handicrafts - selected clothes and sandals can be found in store Kritamon, at 38-40, Kondilaki street.

Quality jewellery and watches in store Stavros & Mary, the perfect companion for various moments and occasions in your life, 2, Halidon street & 1, Zampeliou street, Old harbour .

Women’s Fashion in store, Top Shop Fashion, 12, Apokoronou street.

Gold and silver handmade jewelleries, handmade silver icons and watches can be found in store Dimitris A. Garofalakis, at 16, Hatzimihali Giannari street.

Sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses can be found in optical center Optonet Chatziathanasiou, at 4 – 8, Peridou street or in amazing village Paleochora .

Villas and houses for high demand customers as well as for sales, purchases and rentals, Europa Real Estate Crete, at 68, Daskalogianni street.

Nails spa and Hair treatment in Greg, at 34A, Eleftheriou Venizelou street for your manicure, pedicure, shellac, waxing.

Leather bags, accessories and travel luggage you can find in store Kemerlis, at 47b, Andrea Papandreou street.

Sunglasses, reading glasses, contact lenses in store Patsouraki Optically, at 30, 1866 sqr.

Quality Greek silk creations by Bourouliti, Silk Cocoon creations, at 47, Chrysanthou Episkopou street, Old Town .

Handmade jewelry in gold and silver and religious objects, yo can find in store Mihalis Pnevmatikakis, at 28, Karaiskaki street.

Accessories, gifts, mobile phones cases, headphones, shoes, etc. can be found in store Cas Bar, at 12, Halidon street.

Jewellery workshop, K.AND., at 4, K. Sarpaki street.

Gerochristo jewelry and more amazing options, can be found in store Midas, at Zampeliou street & Kondilaki corner, Old Harbor .

Gold & silver, watches, diamonds and jewelleries in store, Irtakina, at 71-73, Skridlof with 20% discount.

Cretan nutrition products, natural & bio products, olive wood, handmade soaps, wines, raki, can be found in store Meli, at 45, Kondilaki street, since 2000.

The House of Perfume, at 22, Mylonogianni street , perfumes, fragrances & cosmetics, or in our e-shop:

Herbs, spices, Cretan traditional products, gifts, cosmetics, super foods, Klio Herbs, at 25-27, Public market of Chania .

Cream of Hippocrates, the first natural creams made by the ancient Greek physician for face and body, can be found only in ours stores

Filo+Sofia, at 21, Dorotheou Episkopou street and in store

ESTIA, at 35, Potie street.

Handmade pottery and souvenirs can be found in store Erectheion, at 42, Theotokopoulou street.

The original greek souvlaki is served in Ladi & Rigani, at 21, Apokoronou & Plastira street with high quality fresh meat. Free delivery.

Traditional dishes and cretan cuisine in an atmospheric environment, you can visit Ela Tavern, at 47, Kondilaki street Old town.

Discover our cuisine in the heart of the city, Secret flavors, 24, Koraka street Open all day, everyday.

Cretan cuisine with live music and amazing view in lighthouse in Restaurant Faka, at 15, Arkoleontos street, Old Arsenali .

Diving excursions, boat trips, snorkeling tour you can visit Omega Divers, at Almyrida Village. Join us for the best dive in Crete.

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