Between “Lefka Ori” (White Mountains) and “Psiloritis” (Idi) there is Rethimno’s department full of rocky landscapes, wonderful coasts, Cretan lyre’s melodies, caves, historical monasteries, traditional mountainous villages and luxurious hotels. It is the most mountainous and outlandish area of Crete.

Rethimno’s city is one of the most well-preserved medieval cities which combines mountainous beauty with a boundless crystal sea.

It is located on the ruins of the ancient city Rithimna or Rethimna.

With no doubt, Rethimno’s symbol next to the graphic venetian port, is Fortetza, the  venetian castle at Palaiokastro hill that Venetians built in order to embattle in a better way the city in 1574.

Discover the city’s past beginning from Arkadiou street and continue with the historical center admiring unique monuments, special samples of venetian architecture.

Rethimno’s city is a surprise for visitors providing activities like hiking along the city, where you see old side streets with wooden balconies, high minarets, remnants from the Turkish period but also old venetian manor houses from Venetian  period.

On the east side of the commercial port there is the beginning of a boundless and organized sandy beach,20 km long, where everyone can swim.

Interesting Venetian monuments that everyone can admire is  “Arimonti’s fountain” and “Venetian Lotzia”.


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It offers unprecedented beauty while crossing the mountainous area of the department:

  • The “Kourtaliotiko Faragi” (3 km long) ends up to the famous Prevelis beach
  • The “Faragi Kotsifou” which starts from Kavenos village and ends up to Selia village
  • The “Faragi Patsou” which is located in Amarion area
  • The “Prasiano Faragi” which ends up to Platanias beach at east of Rethimno
  • The “Faragi Arkadiou” and many other smaller than the aforementioned.


The most important are

  • Geranio,
  • Simoneli (west Rethimno),
  • Saint Antonios at Amarion area,
  • Melodinios which is known for its stalactites and stalagmites,
  • “Sfentonis” holes and
  • “Mougkri Sison” (near Zoniana).

The “Ideo Andro” - where, according to the myth, Jupiter grew up – was during ancient times a notable place where people used to bless their gods in Minoan but also in Roman period.


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