Agios Nikolaos

It is a modern cosmopolitan city, built at Mirabellos bay.

It took its name from a church named this way (8th century AD), which is located in the south side of the current port.In ancient times Saint Nicolas was called “Lato to Kamara”, a region of “Lato of Etera”.

The latter is an area near Kritsa.Near to the small haven there is a lake which is estimated 64 meters deep, known as “Voulismeni “.

This lake was presumably created from the volcano’s sedimentation.

The lake combined with the sea with a small canal which was created in 1870.Saint Nicolas lately has turned into an attractive destination for the summer due to the variety of hotels, restaurants, shops and an well-organized marine.

The city is famous for its museums as it has Archaeological, Folklore and National History Museum.



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