GENERAL INFORMATION  (source Region of Crete)

Crete, the diamond shimmering in the Mediterranean sea is the fifth biggest island and simultaneously the southest boundary of Europe. It combines new with old and ancient with modern history.

History is alive in Crete, exists in lyre’s and violin’s melody, in the sound of lute and askomantoura.

The high mountains of Crete promise unique hiking experiences, climbing, canyoing, caves’ exploration but also riding and mountain biking for fascinating discoveries.

Visitors can enjoy the neat seas of Crete. The strong summer winds promise bicycle sail with sailings or quick routes with surfboards and kite surfing.

The deep water of the south side is ideal for dreamy diving and fishing, while organized marines wait for those who desire to sail along the island with their own boats.

Its ground is fertile and blessed. Cheese, honey, aromatic plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, bread, meat and lots of other products constitute the base for the miracle of Cretan cuisine.

Its wonderful wine is produced by indigenous people and wine variety. In addition, tsikoudia (or raki), distill of grapes is known all over the world. However, the top product is olive oil.

Plenty of international scientific searches have highlighted the Cretan diet as the healthiest and Cretan people as those who live most on earth, due to the fact that olive oil constitutes the basic ingredient in traditional Cretan diet.

Crete is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

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Crete is a treasure of trove of unmissable attractions that shocase thew island's rich history, stunning landscapes and unique culture.